Power System Transformation for Dummies
Power system transformation
understanding the challenges
Phase 0 - negligible amounts of vRES, no systemic effects
Indicators and Milestones
Installed vRES capacity (tiny block at the right of the graph) is just taking up and is less than 10% of system minimum load (lower of the two dashed lines).
There are only marginal changes of the residual load. This is: no milestone achieved yet.
In this phase, there are no substantial changes at system level. The power system can be operated as previously. Of course, it is beneficial to prepare early for anticipated developments.
Locally, vRES installations may have an impact on network loading and may trigger network reinforcement or extension. Depending on the growing RES-technologies and typical project sizes this concerns distribution or transmission networks.
Phase1icon Phase 1: system behaviour changes.
Phase2icon Phase 2: sometimes substantial vRES.
Phase3icon Phase 3: sometimes zero residual load.
Phase4icon Phase 4: regularly excess generation.
Phasexicon Phase X: cross sector coupling.